by Kismet

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Cassette tape available on Youlooklikeshit Records.


released June 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Kismet Boston, Massachusetts

Indie Folk from Boston. For arranging shows, publications, confessions of eternal undying love, or any other inquiries, email us here!

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Track Name: Away From the Dark
Walking as planned, torches in hand. You said you see the way the flames pull toward you.

Why don't you sit and talk, away from the dark and watch it burn.
Leave them there.

Burn down the place, fires embrace. No words to say, watch the display.
Track Name: A Light
It's all over now
Nobody left to bother
You have them fooled
Now run to save face

Haunting my dreams
I think it is a good thing
Just hit the light
On your way out

Pictures of you
Pictures of both me and you
No matter what is next
I'm not alone.
Track Name: Off Again
Put you on a shelf
Share my drink but keep your secrets to yourself

Let's go
Move along again
Let's go
You were wrong again.

Keep in tow
Status quo
I'm off again. again.

Paint me skies
You're only an arms length away
from all I try to hide

Dead for
Just the moment
It's beautiful
Because I can see it
Track Name: Day by Day
Where is the hallowed monument?
Where are the heroes we were promised?
Where are the dreams we were told to have?

Between the broken banks of the Merrimack-
Along the walls of semi-abstract-
Below the spaces in the train tracks-
You find hope.

Day by day.

There's no way we can wait here any longer.
Can't you see that your world's becoming smaller?
We don't know who our enemies are.

Inside the pressure cookers with one use-
Is fear that both sides will use as an excuse-
To slowly take our lives away.

Day by day.
Track Name: I Get Lost
A passing train is calling me, comfort in its consistency. While I'm going nowhere slowly, watching smoke rise in front of me. You can keep your softer touch. I never really loved you much anyway. I'd prefer a place to go, with some friends that I barely even know. Human farms riddled with disease trying to contain me. Nations fighting for their difference. I get lost.
Track Name: Spring
My pressure falls on a blade of grass
Your muddy feet walk the overpass
And I can't help this state I'm in
I'm yours

Our open mouths walk the open plain
But it tastes like rugged terrain
Your wandering mind drives me to shame
I'm yours

You are leaving
In two weeks for sure
And I can't remember
What I am here for
But my mind keeps me going
Like a fox on the run
And I can't help from wondering
When spring will come